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I have been so bad about taking a picture a day... but I've been pretty great about taking pictures in general compared to how I was doing before the new year, and even if I'm not in the mood to, so I'm proud of that. And more often than not, I get a picture that I happen to love, even if it's not technically correct (90% of my photos aren't, anyway).

I've been feeling this pull to do something different with all this. I'm not crazy about running a Facebook page... it feels really strange to me to post on it, because while I have a good number of likes and views, but not a lot of interaction, I feel like I'm talking to both an audience and an empty room... at the same time.. if that makes sense. It just doesn't feel like me. I prefer posting on Instagram. And as for my 365 project, I will post on my photography page and Instagram when I feel like it. I know this sounds like such a silly thing to spend time thinking about, but seriously, I have not really known what to do for a while. I kept my page unpublished for nearly two years on Facebook and didn't miss it once, so I think I need to just be true to what feels comfortable for me.

I really do want to blog more, but I only have energy for one main focus at a time, it seems. That's being human I suppose. I have really been researching and changing how our family sees and lives education, and from the moment I wake up in the morning until my kids go to bed and America's Next Top Model takes precedence, I am listening to audiobooks and asking questions on forums and reading blog posts about homeschooling! I have a brand new excitement for educating my kids, and I feel like after getting six solid, meaty months of real, live homeschooling under my belt, I know what I really want for our family and for my kid's little minds. I'm looking forward to sharing more pictures and about our homeschooling journey very soon!

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