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River - 5.5 years old. Flying through kindergarten, already reading simple words and sounding out short words to spell on his own! He enjoys math, shapes, patterns, and symmetrical building. His teacher said he's very creative and would do really well in a non-traditional school setting, which is leading us to think about what we will do for school for first grade. He's really into the Ninja Turtles, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Wild Kratts, and Frozen right now. (In tears, he told me the other day "Austen has all the Frozen stuff!" It's true, people tend to gift her with Frozen things because she's the girl, but he loves Anna and Elsa almost as much as she does!) He loves animals and facts about animals and his favorites are cheetahs and long-horned antelopes because "they're really fast." He wants to be a paleontologist and an architect someday.

Austen Rose - 3 years old. She loves art and uses lots of colors. She is still my little drama queen, sings about everything and loves to dance. There is not an hour that goes by where she's not turning something into a song! She carries around her four companions wherever she goes -- her dolls, Mary and Baby Elsa, and her puppies, Lucy and Strawberry. She also loves to build and uses anything to make shapes and towers -- pencils, flower petals, books. She loves books so much that every night we clean up he dozens that she takes out and scatters all around the house (much to my chagrin). She's very independent and strong-willed and wants to do everything herself. She thinks she is a princess. (She is.)

Chase -- 2.5 months old. She remains my easiest baby. Still a great sleeper, she can fall asleep on her own when I lay her on my bed. She will sit sweetly in her bouncer and stare at me while I fold clothes or do dishes, but the moment I leave the room she starts fussing. She is still a mama's girl but does not mind being with other people and will take a bottle. She loves her paci! She has started laughing and she is very sociable. She looks people right in the eye when they talk to her -- just like her big brother. I think we may have another extrovert on our hands! She's just the happiest, sweetest girl and we all adore our little baby doll.

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