low carb - day 2

This year, one of my goals is to eat low carb for a time. I'm not counting carbs, but I made myself some rules: no grains, no refined sugars, no sweets, less fruit & starchy foods. Today is only day two and I already want a bowl of cereal! Coffee and creamy foods are my only consolation. I think that's why I couldn't do the Whole 30 -- I can go dairy-free, I can go grain-free, heck, I've even gone meat-free... but a combination of two of those, nope! If I cannot have grains, I must eat more creamy foods. My body craves sugar because I'm addicted to it, but what it really needs is more healthy fats.

When I've told people that I was interested in following a low-carb, high-fat diet, they seemed surprised. I think eating plan sounds better than diet. I have no intention of losing weight while eating LCHF, but I do have two mail goals. My first is to try, again, to heal my skin. I've always dealt with acne, and I'm tired of it! The second, which is actually the more motivating of the two, is that I wake up every morning groggy, puffy-eyed, and heavy, no matter how much sleep I got that night. I have noticed when going off carbs in the past that I wake up refreshed and alert every morning. My body hates carbs. Sometimes just some chips and salsa before bed can make me feel like this in the morning. I just wish any and every form of carbs wasn't so damn good!

The one thing I will still be eating on occasion that breaks the rules is oatmeal. I have had some supply issues with Chase and oatmeal helps milk supply. However, I'll only be sweetening it with fruit and a tiny bit of stevia, and adding yummies like heavy cream and nuts.

Day 1
Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Eggs
Dinner: Chili (check out my grandpa's recipe -- it's amazing! I made mine without masa.)

Day 2
Breakfast: Leftover chili
Lunch: Over-easy eggs fried in bacon fat
Dinner: Taco salad (ground beef, onions, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, and cheese over spinach)

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  1. Whitney, when you get 45 minutes (haha) go watch Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt's lecture at a medical conference called "The Food Revolution." It is so interesting!!! Just seeing that video has been me the motivation I need to stick to this diet - or food plan. ;) https://www.youtube.com/user/eenfeldt



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