austen's sink bath

We have thousands upon thousands of photos. So many of them, I haven't even looked at since uploading them to the computer. I've been slowly trying to go through and delete delete delete. I tell myself I don't need three of the same shot just because Austen's facial expression is slightly different in each photo and I want to remember that face... but it's so hard! I found this one the other day and I just love the simplicity and the colors. The afternoon this photo was taken, we were house-sitting for my parents and I had made a pot of broccoli cheese soup. She gobbled it up and got it everywhere! So we chucked her in the sink for a quick bath. Ah, why do my babies have to get so big so fast? I wish I could stick her in the sink for scale but my parents have since moved.

Through the process of sifting and deleting, I'm re-editing many of them because I feel my taste has evolved and matured a lot in the last three years. I'm more drawn to natural colors rather than overly warm or saturated images. So that's not exactly helping the whole "get rid of photos" thing, because I don't want to overwrite the previous edits. Much of my style in the last three years has been inspired by Paige French. I wish I was half the photographer she is! She's amazing and you should hop on over to her site to check her out. (And her girls' names are Piper and Larken. Ugh, can you even? Because I cannot.)

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