one week of chase

She loves her hands. She had her hands by her face a lot in the womb, which I could feel frequently, as she loved to claw at my cervix. She is always rooting for her fingers and has found them on a few occasions, but then she gets angry when they move away!

She loves her hair being stroked. When I start stroking her hair, she gets sleepy, rolling eyes.

She had trouble with her latch for a few days. I've never had breastfeeding issues in the past, and even though it only lasted for a little while, it was frustrating. Her rooting reflex is strong and she has a good suck, but a shallow, lazy latch, and she barely opens her mouth. She would root and root and get so frustrated when she couldn't find the breast, even when it was right in her mouth! I still need to correct her latch every time we nurse, but she is able to latch every time now.

She is a great sleeper. I've never had such a great sleeper! River woke up nearly every hour to nurse until we night-weaned when he was 18 months old, and Austen had her days and nights confused for a while. Chase sleeps hours every night -- the first three nights I had to actually wake her up to nurse! She goes about four hour stretches at night, which means I am actually getting really good rest!

She hates being messed with. Whether it's changing her diaper, getting her dressed, wiping her eyes, she hates it! She cried more during her heart defect test, where she simply gets something strapped to her hand and foot, then she did for her vitamin K injection!

She poops a lot. I don't know if it's because you're more aware of how many diapers you're changing when it's cloth versus disposables, but both my girls are big poopers. Austen had a lot of dirty diapers when she was an infant, too. I can't even tell you how many times I've gotten her fresh and clean, only to have her poo two minutes later!

She has long periods of wakefulness. She sleeps a lot at night and during the day, but when she is awake, it's usually for a couple hours.

She loves her mama and despises all substitutes. When I am holding her, she will sleep for hours. She loves to be in my arms, on my chest, resting on my stomach, or in a sling. But the moment I hand her to someone else or put her down, even if she's all snug and being bounced and shushed, she starts squirming and fussing. She wants me and only me! I kind of love it.

She is very squeaky. Her noises are precious! She's very expressive in the way she uses her voice. It cracks me up.

She is a morning person. I think it's because she sleeps so well at night. She wakes up at about 6:30 in the morning with the most pleasant face and looks around all bright-eyed and is happy for about two hours until she goes back to sleep.

She dreams a lot. She's constantly smiling, squeaking, whimpering, quiet-sobbing, rolling her eyes, fluttering her eyelids, gasping, and making tiny kicks in her sleep. She even chuckled once! Just like her sister did at three days old.

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