brave and strong

Austen is only two years old, and is about as girly girl as one can get. She twirls, points her toes, puts her hand on her hips as she pretends to sing into a microphone, and calls her self "Superhero Princess Majesty." I try to not only support her princess play, but encourage her superhero and truck fascination as well. I make it a point to tell her things that people might not be too quick to tell little girls when they meet them. She receives her fair share of "you are so pretty!" and "I love your dress!" and "Are you a princess?" from everyone (myself included) and it doesn't bother me. But I want her to know, even at a very young age, that she can be anything, and she is not limited by her gender.

The other day she and River were playing outside, and I don't know exactly what had just happened, but I heard her exclaim, "I am brave and strong!" I looked over at her and her face was beaming as she was flexing her tiny muscles. "Yes, you ARE brave and strong!" I told her. Seriously, what tiny, two-year-old girl proclaims to be brave and strong?!

I hope she continues to know this about herself as she gets older. I hope she isn't afraid to do anything because society has told her that being a girl means she has certain limitations. It made my day and assured me I must be doing something right.



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