sweetest, fondest

It's been snowing for six hours.

Tonight after church, we played outside in the dark until 9:45 so they could experience the wonder and magic of a snowfall (a big deal for this Texan). Too soon for them, we came inside and removed their wet, snowy layers in front of the heater, ate bowls of hot bean soup from the crockpot together, changed into fleecey footsie PJs, sipped some warm sleepytime tea, and managed to have enough energy to sleepily read a couple books before snuggling down, a tangle of little warm hands and rosey cheeks and icey toes and chapped lips (soothed with a layer of coconut oil), under three layers of blankets. They were out cold in minutes. Now I'm in bed before eleven, reading my beloved CS Lewis and sipping my own cup of sleepy time tea. I'm beat. Then I remember I forgot to brush their teeth.

But I'm thinking... these are the moments that make my life so full. These are the things I wish to write down, so I can come back and remember forever. These perhaps less-than-exciting days and nights as a mommy will have create the sweetest, fondest memories in my lifetime. Encouraging and enjoying closeness as a family is what my heart yearns for, it's what I drink in day after day. It's what my soul needs, God knows it. And it makes me feel so close to him.

Thank you God, for my children. That sentence carries so much weight. Because upon their little lives rests so much of my love, my commitment, my joy, my purpose.

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