whole30 start and fail

Here's a quick run-down on what the Whole30 is: for thirty days, you can eat meat, veggies, and fruit. No sweeteners of any kind (including honey and maple syrup), no dairy, no grains,  no legumes (peas, peanuts, beans, soy), no processed foods. Only clean, real food.

John and I began the Whole30 diet yesterday and I'm already having to trouble-shoot. Here's what I had:

Breakfast: Nothing. I know this is bad, but my appetite is non-existent in the mornings. I had a couple cups of coffee.
Lunch: Large romaine salad with ground turkey and a oil/vinegar dressing.
Snack: Apple with pecan butter (technically the butter had a very small amount of maple syrup)
Dinner: Three eggs scrambled with ground turkey and baby bell peppers.

I was satisfied and didn't go to bed hungry at all. Then this morning, I woke up to my heart pounding in my chest, feeling weak, very shaky, light-headed, nauseous, and incredibly hungry and thirsty. I felt like I was going to either pass out or puke. I lay in bed for an hour and a half, trying to figure out what I could eat. I ate a tangerine, and that tasted great, but I still felt horrible every time I tried to get up. On the Whole30, practically everything has to be prepared. We are out of fruit, nut butter, and eggs or a salad did not sound good to me, and I literally could not cook myself some chicken (because I couldn't get out of bed). I feel like this every now and then, and I'm not really sure why. It hasn't happened in over a year and not this bad, either.

So eventually, I just asked John to make me a bagel. After eating that, I felt 90% better. So, we're back to square one! I'm disappointed but honestly didn't know what else to do.

Obviously, I think I'm going through sugar withdrawal... I just didn't expect it to be that intense. I can't feel like that in the mornings when John's already left for work. I wouldn't be functional as a mother! I've been reading the Whole30 message boards, and apparently, this is a common complaint. I believe what I need to do is eat more frequent meals and snacks. I know it would also be wise to get my levels checked and make sure I'm going into this healthfully. I didn't think it'd be a big deal taking grains and most sugars out of my diet for thirty days, but apparently my body is all, "aw hell no."

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