austen's first haircut

My little girl got her first haircut.

I was a bit worried about how she would behave.

She's very shy and gets embarrassed easily, and I thought with the attention on her in a new, weird situation, she would freeze up and cry for me.

But she was an angel!

She was so excited to be sitting there like a big girl. She kept making silly faces in the mirror and looking up at me and smiling her big, beautiful smile.

I was so proud of her. During the busy holiday week, there have been a few times when she's been expected to sit quietly and still for an extended period of time. And I've learned something about my girl -- she is very patient and knows what is expected of her. She is capable of sitting still for a very long time for a two-year-old. Funny how a girl with so much spunk and attitude and personality can sit so still when she knows Mommy needs her to! She's getting so big.

Austen, show me your new hair!

She absolutely loves her big girl hair and is so proud of it! It's no longer thin and stringy anymore, and brushing it out isn't a battle. Before her hair cut, it would get tangled so easily, and was frustrating for the both of us.

We celebrated her first haircut by picking out some new "bow-bows." I'm happy to say even with several inches cut off, her hair has retained its curl. 

I don't know if it was her new hair cut that made her extra cute, or just her confidence showing, but everyone who saw her smiled and said how adorable she was.

It's funny what we instill in girls at such a young age. Of course I think Austen is beautiful, but just as often, I tell her she is strong and funny and hard working. My hope is to raise her to be a confident girl who is not held back by the expectations or limitations our society puts on gender. She's my little ballerina, but she is also my little superhero. (The other day, she was my ballerina superhero princess. Bam.) I also want her to be who she wants to be -- even as a toddler! I think it's important. She loves her "new hair" and it makes me happy to see her happy.

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