at the pumpkin patch

For Austen's second birthday, we celebrated the day before at the pumpkin patch, sticking with the theme of not being in the mood to throw birthday parties this year. I'm so not in the mood, that I'm thinking of just doing a combined birthday party for the both of them next September -- right smack dab in the middle of both of their birthdays. I figure this way, we get the best of both worlds. I only have to plan one awesome birthday party, but they both get one. I'm already thinking of themes in my head. No, I'm not kidding. It'll be awesome. But anyway. Back to this birthday.

I'm pretty sure fall is my favorite season. I love Christmas, but as for an entire season, fall wins. It makes me feel so many wonderful fuzzies since moving to Olympia. With the leaves changing, and the weather going between being 60 degrees and sunny one day to 40 degrees and rainy the next, I am loving every bit of it. Pumpkins are everywhere. There are so many little family farms around town -- in fact, we just discovered another one on our way to dinner tonight. "We'll have to check that out this week!" I told my mom.

And yes, pumpkin flavored everything. And apples. And cool afternoon walks. And foggy mornings. And kittens. Kittens may not be particularly Autumnal, but at Schilter Family Farms, they have a new litter every fall. I mean, I doubt they plan it that way, but the kids love seeing the kittens when we go. Er, the two times we've gone. Sometimes I forget we've only been here two years. (And yet, sometimes, I can't believe we've been here for two years.)

Austen loved the kittens just as much as last year. You see, last year she was only a brand-new one-year-old. She was absolutely enthralled, and mimicked the kittens' meows with the funniest look on her face. This year, I capture a similar look at the kitten tried to claw its way up her red coat. It was less than thrilled. Austen, however, continued to show it kindness and affection by practically wringing its neck in a loving choke hold.

Also notable about this year's pumpkin patch visit: River got to ride the ponies. John and I have this thing where we hate spending money, but River pulled on our heartstrings as he gazed longingly into the circle of horses trotting along at negative two miles per hour. I suddenly had this thought that someday, when he's a teen, he'll remember going to the pumpkin patch and being that kid who only got to watch the other lucky kids ride, while never actually getting to ride them himself. Sort of like how I always wanted my very own kid-size pink Barbie Jeep and never got one. But anyway. Maybe still a little bitter about that one.

Notable number three: the pumpkin patch had homemade, from-scratch, apple cider doughnuts, y'all. Apple cider.

Seriously cracking up over this picture. Goodness, I love her.

A real hug in session. Uncoerced by Mommy.

My beautiful boy. He's so GOOD LOOKIN'! I adore how happy he is all the time. My little ray of sunshine.

And then she realized her hands were dirty.

Austen making "meow" faces last fall at Schilter Farm:

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  1. Awww what a great blog post and gorgeous pictures! I loved looking at every single one of them! Austen, oh my, what a personality. That one picture with the agonized face just cracked me up. And River, yes, he is always so happy, such a sweetie. I can't believe that Northface jacket still fits him! I got it for him when y'all moved here almost 2 years ago! (Which, by the way, makes me deliriously happy every time I think about it.) I agree, fall is the best season yet. Christmas is the best day. Maybe it's that autumn paves the way for Christmas, kind of like a seasonal advent. I just love this time of year. October, November, December.



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