Easter, despite its dramatic morning with our drunken neighbors, was wonderful. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning [because I am perpetually late for everything] making healthy treats for the kids, fluffing and stuffing paper grass just so, and giving up on sewing a last-minute stuffed rabbit. Who needs stuffed rabbits anyway? Next year I'm just going straight to Etsy.

Their shared basket was full of books, bubbles, egg-shaped chalk, gluten-free chocolate chip rabbit-shaped cookies, "bunny food" trail mix, Annie's Organic bunny fruit snacks, a chocolate rabbit, carrot muffins topped with "nests," made from avocado frosting and yogurt-covered almonds as little eggs. The avocado frosting was possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted; vegans are tricking us all. I promptly scraped the frosting off of my muffin, but not before taking pictures, of course, because they were pretty cute. The morning was a success, and Austen was able to help search for "hidden eggs" for the first time. I wish I could tell you the eggs were dyed naturally, with blueberries and saffron and beets and spinach (all organic, of course), but I'm not going to spend $15 on fresh produce to dye a couple dozen eggs whose shells will be removed anyway. Sorry, kids. Enjoy your chemicals. Mommy loves you.

Austen with the really-nasty-but-really-cute-so-kind-of-a-win muffins.

I have no idea what Austen is crying about in this picture. Probably because her brother is touching her. 

She went straight for a cookie!

One of three cookies that actually came out in a bunny shape. Three out of about twenty. All the other ones looked like bunnies with lumpy tumors. 

River checks out the goods. 

Let the search begin! 

I get excited like only a mommy can get while watching her tiny people finding eggs placed in obvious places. Goodness, heart be still! The excitement on their faces! Their full baskets and triumphant grins! I have as much fun watching them as they have finding the eggs.

Just as like last year, it was a warm, barefoot day. I began the chilly morning in tights and heels and kicked them off after church before slipping on my TOMS and taking a sunny walk to the park for pictures. Needless to say, this year's photo taking went a lot smoother than last. Austen was still working on her sitting skills then, and now she's mastered not only sitting, but also standing and running twirling and hitting her brother and screaming in protest. What fun!

My children are pretty perfect.

My children are pretty... perfect?

Pretty. My children are pretty.

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