april resolution : media fast


But mostly read.

Read books, not blogs.
Read to my children.
Teach River how to read.
Read outside while my kids play.
Read while I'm cooking dinner.

Read instead of watching TV.
Read instead of going online.

Read instead of playing Scramble with Friends.
I mean... I really like Scramble with Friends.

This month I am going on a media fast to indulge myself in literature. No Twitter... that's just a way to complain about things by masking it with wit. No Instagram... time to go back to doing what I love, which is taking real photographs. No Facebook... that's just the internet version of gossip and another way of being completely inwardly-focused. I will still be updating my blog, because I always feel I don't spend enough time writing anyway, and I'll retain a quiet presence on my blog's Facebook page.

I'm going to be present in life. Instead of wanting to automatically share every other moment and thought with the world, I'm going to enjoy it as it comes. Instead of wanting to know who's up to what and why, I'm going to live in my now.

And that's it. That's my resolution for April.

From an older blog, an image that is applicable to my goal this month:

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