happy 2013

In 2012, I did splendidly accomplishing 2011's resolutions. I was overall more organized and was successful in pushing myself to create more, through drawing, sewing, and crafting. I cooked more meals for my family and reached 2/3 of my reading goal of 30 books. 

As far as my actual goals for 2012, I did okay. I did start running, the thing with which I am most pleased, although it is an on-again, off-again relationship. For two weeks, I'll run every day, pushing myself and feeling strong and reaching new goals, then I won't tie my tennies on for a month. It became difficult when the seasons changed; it is just not easy to motivate oneself to run in rainy, 40-degree weather, especially when is dark by 4:30 in the evening. At this point, it's been over a month since the last time I went out for a run. I did read a lot more than the previous few years, but I didn't do as well as I could have with what I chose to fuel my body, and I still struggle with patience & kindness toward those I love the most every day.

My goals for this year are more challenging and focused (particularly the first, which seems especially daunting at times), but I am excited because this year I feel I have more of something I didn't have before: belief in myself. 

Run a half-marathon.
Read thirty books.
Be gentle.
Take a picture every day. Post a portrait of my children every week.
Continue to work on organization of my home & life.
Reflect on God's Word & worship him every day.
Get a tattoo.
Commit to one resolution a month, starting February.

They are all self-explanitory, but I do feel like I should say something about the last two. I've wanted tattoos since I was 17. I have a lot of plans and in the case that I ever have tons of money to blow on body art, eventually I want half-sleeves and a chest piece and something on my wrist and... well, a lot. But I don't have tons of money to blow on body art; however, I have to start somewhere. One of my sisters and I have been talking about getting matching tattoos, so perhaps this year is the year to make that happen.

The last resolution has to do with wantign to commit to certain things but being intimidated by the idea of committing for a whole year. Last year I would think, I could try doing that... but I couldn't do it for a whole year. I'm the kind of person who likes lists and ends and beginnings, and so I can't just start something and not have a set time or a plan. Call it an excuse, but I figured this once-a-month-resolution thing could be a good change & motivation.

I felt 2012 was a year of growth. I discovered a lot about myself... funny how it took 24 years. I went through a mini mid-mid-life crisis. Suddenly, I felt victim to the realization that I have little control of the things that happen in life, and tasted the bitterness,  rather than the sweetness, of how short life really is. It's not that something happened to give me this awareness, or that I've never thought of these things before; it's just that this year, the thoughts that frequented the quiet afternoons stuck with me and entered my mind at night. And the next day, and the next. I felt like there was nothing I could do about it, yet felt the strong desire to do something. I think that something was to treasure this life more. Believe in myself more. Do more. Stop making excuses and start making changes. Stop saying I'm going to do something someday and actually do it - because I may not have tomorrow, but I have now, so I need to respect the now and respect myself and make the most of this life I've so graciously been given. Running actually was a part of this. So many people do not hace the ability to run. But I do. So what is stopping me? Laziness? Doubt in myself? Obviously, I have health and legs that can carry me and with time my strength would be built up, so I just needed to get out there and DO it already. So I did.


  1. Lovely post Whitney! How awesome too about getting a tattoo! I can't wait to see the pictures if you and your sister go through with it....or if you just get one yourself! :D Your post has inspired me to do a post myself on our blog. I wanna think long and hard about what I want, but I think reading books now is for sure on my list! I miss reading...:)

  2. Well, have you ever read Leviticus 19 verse 28? Your body belongs to God, it is the temple if the Holy Ghost (1st Cor. 6:19)... Be careful with what you do with your body!

    1. I have read that verse. It's right in after the verses about not shaving the edges of your beard and not eating meat with blood in it and not eating the fruit from a new fruit tree for four years. :) Here is my reason for not believing tattoos are a sin. http://www.sacredink.net/tattoo_and_the_bible/ But I'm not here to debate my life choices, Candy.



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