'sup, summer

Two months into "summer," Summer decided to show up. Last week we had a few 90-degree weather days. I spent the first afternoon lying around lazily with Austen. Our apartment doesn't have air conditioning, but compared to the Texas summer heat we suffered (YES SUFFERED OKAY) last year, I was NOT about to complain. So I just sat. And drank water. And blew on Austen's ringlets to try to cool her off. And told River to watch Netflix. I thought about going outside. Oh yes, I thought long and hard, lying in that bed with Austen.

Eventually, I did get up and we spent a good, long time reading books. Or rather, River and I read books while Austen clobbered, tackled, pinched, and bit me, while also managing to want every single book we had in our hands, despite the nice selection of age-appropriate books on the lower shelf. Needless to say, there were a lot of soggy book corners and wrinkled pages after story time. It was rough.

Story time was also interrupted for a little hair-brushing session. (I melted when I saw her do this!)

The next few days were hottish, but not too hot, so we did manage to play outside. I always feel guilty when I don't let the kids play. It's not as relaxing as you may think, from these nice, quiet, calm pictures. My children are not quiet or calm, and they do things like jump from high places and eat tree bark and perform impressive disappearing acts. So outside time means I am constantly darting my eyes one way or the other, making sure my kids don't kill themselves.

Sister gazed longingly as brother slid and swung. Well, girl, maybe if you didn't try to eat everything in sight. Someday, you will be a big kid too, playing with your brother without stuffing pieces of bark down your throat.

River was so sweet to a little girl who was also playing on the playground. "You munt to share my car? You can go on my car! Go on da sidewalk." When the little girl, who was probably barely two, managed to pull his car across the grass to a sidewalk, he leaned over with his hands on his knees and squealed, "Good job! You did it!" in his most encouraging voice. My boy... I am more in love with the sweetness of this child every day!

Boy, when he jumps, he is a super hero. It is his most favorite thing ever. I can just tell him, "Go jump off of that thing over there.." and he would willingly oblige, over and over and over. The heights from which he jump keep getting higher and higher!

Eventually I gave in to Austen's puppy dog eyes (and twisting and arching and screeching) and let her play in the grass. She ate a handful of dirt.

Man, I am not ready for summer to end. I feel like I got cheated. Summer in Olympia is gorgeous, like the two weeks of the fresh, green springtime we get in San Antonio in March. I found myself kind of missing those can't-breath-when-I-step-outside, my-car-is-a-freaking-oven, blindingly hot, face-melting Texas days.

Kind of.

I know winter will be here too soon. And by winter, I mean rain every day for months from October to May. Whatevs, we are going to make it an awesome rainy fallwinterspring.

And in case I don't give you enough "real-life" moments, here's a nice picture of my son snatching something away from his sister and poking her in the eye in the process. She survived.


  1. OK, I'm waiting patiently for a birthday party post!

  2. My goodness, your pictures are gorgeous.



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