river's superhero party

I am not a planning person. I can't even ice a cake. I can make some rockin' pom poms out of tissue paper, and I can make decent designs on Photoshop. I am disorganized, easily stressed, and slightly crafty. So I go from there.

With the powers of photoshop and slight craftiness combined, I put together a fun third birthday party for River. Is there a superhero power for pinning things on Pinterest? 'Cause I knocked that one out, too.

Grapes, cantaloupe, and strawberries with vanilla yogurt to dip, chicken salad, crackers, pepperoni, and cheese, and chips and salsa -- each to give our little superheroes a power of "super strength" or "invisibility" or "super speed."

Capes and felt masks for proper disguises.

I made the cake by designing sound effects on Photoshop & printing them on card stock, cutting them to size, slapping some hot glue and skewers to the backs, and sticking them in. It made for one super-easy super hero cake! (All I want to do when I look at this picture is fix those two fallen M&Ms.) Remember how I said I can't ice cakes? About two minutes into this one, I was all, "Mom! I can't do this! Help!" So I can't really take credit for that part. (I know, I KNOW. I'm domestically challenged.)

Watching the kids play Pin the Sign on the Superhero was awesome. They were so terrible at it, it was possibly the best part of the afternoon. That, or when the pinata was decapitated.

I mean, how cute is this?!

Time for candles!

Time for cake... and buttery, sugary frosting... I had two slices.

James brought the elephant pinata all the way from our hometown, San Antonio!

We set the kids up for a picture all together before we went inside for presents, but with 9 kids, you can imagine how it went. River was like, "Whatever, I'm outta here." Ethan wins for best superhero pose.


  1. Yay, party pictures! The group shot, where half of them are not even paying attention to the camera, and Ethan is striking his super hero pose, is the absolute BEST! LOL!

    The party was great! You may have felt disorganized (doing a lot of stuff last minute) but you really planned out a nice party that came together smoothly once the guests started arriving! The decorations and cake were perfect, and capes and masks were supercute party favors, too! It takes a little practice learning how to get a party all together, and ready on time, but you'll get the hang of it after throwing a few. :)

    Love, Mom

  2. Oh, and the one where Austen reaching for Anja should be captioned, "I must pinch those cheeks."

  3. Great job friend! I cannot believe he is 3 years already. You are such an inspiration to me of a REAL mommy, not Martha, not a "real housewife of orange county," but perfectly imperfect! Keep up the awesome work. I can hardly wait for a day that we get to get our three littles all together :)



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