project pinterest : DIY baby skinny jeans

The Pinspiration:

DIY Skinnies from Cotton & Curls

I was so excited when I found this tutorial on Pinterest, because I can't stand flared jeans! I have a few pairs that are in perfectly fine condition, so I couldn't find it in me to get rid of them... now I know how to make them more "me." Then I became even more excited with the prospect of turning River's pants into skinny jeans, too. I am a sucker for skinny jeans on kids. This fall, all I'm buying for River are skinny jeans. I am not kidding.

So, going entirely by what I remembered reading on Cotton & Curls, I began.

The Project:

I liked them so much, I went on to make another pair, this time from a pair of baggy jeans!
This time, it was much easier, and it literally took me about ten minutes from start to finish.
Go on. Tell me they're not adorable.


  1. I did this to my maternity jeans! Super easy and super cute!

  2. Brilliant and so cute! I think all my jeans are skinny jeans so I can't really try it on my own, but Audrey's on the otherhand...

    Talia Christine

  3. Cool now I just need to find the motivation to transform all those pants I do not wear anymore also.



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