DIY bird mobile

I made these little birds two and a half years ago. They've lived in three different houses, they've been 
played with and chewed on and cooked into soup by a toddler, and I finally decided 
to use them to make something pretty.

So I gathered a little thread.

And a little toddler.

And I put the toddler to work. This was actually a great project for River. He loved it and 
wanted to keep threading beads after we were finished with the mobile.

Smaller beads and fishing line would have probably been a better choice. But we're happy 
with our little bird mobile, and we can always take it apart and change things up if we want.

1 comment:

  1. Aggghhh!!! Whitney you never cease to amaze me with your creativity! So cute!!!!

    "My goal in life is to be as intelligent and good looking as my uncle." Hmmmm gee I wonder which uncle gave him that T-shirt? ;)



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