our new beach

My heart aches for the beach. There is something about looking out and not seeing anything, anything but sea and sky. It's something I need at least once a year. The smell of salt, the spray on your face that splatters your sunglasses, the muted colors, the sun floating like crystals on the surface of the water, the way you can walk for five minutes and look behind you, and it looks as though you've walked for miles. I need it.

The last time we were at the beach was when River was 9 months old. Just a little over two years ago, so it is long over-due. We created so many good memories, just our little family of three. It will probably be a long time until we are able to visit a real beach again, but yesterday we discovered a rocky beach here in Washington that is just nine miles away. The drive there is beautiful; just two miles away from the capitol and you feel like you have driven to another state. Country roads, little houses and churches with chipped paint, antique carriages sitting in front yards. Then you arrive, walk down ridiculously steep steps, quiet and romantic and mysterious, and look up... and the water has simply appeared. There it is. In all its soul-healing beauty. It's not the kind of beach we're used to. The water is freezing and you can't walk on the rocks without shoes and sea doesn't exactly meet the sky, but it does smell like salt and little crabs scuffle across the stones and we are rich in the way of sand dollars, so it'll do. Plus, if you squint, you can see mountains, huge, snow-capped mountains, hundreds of miles away.

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  1. Wow, it looks so beautiful. Im glad you guys are finding little things to remind you of all the good things in life. Where there is none, make some. :)



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