project pinterest : no-sew vest

No-sew vest from Crafting Cousins, using an over-sized t-shirt.

I chose a well-loved, old t-shirt for this project. One that I enjoyed wearing frequently in its youth, but has become too stretched out, too full of slight stains, too thin. I began cutting the neckline and realized I was not supposed to cut the back. But uh, I went with it. Because... I had no other choice. I proceeded to follow the instructions (it's really not a difficult project at all) and was done in just minutes.

I tied off the back with a strip of fabric from the sleeve and clipped the ends. Unfortunately, this t-shirt was too stretched out, too full of slight stains, too thin to make a good vest (or, a super hero cape, as river calls it). I used a crappy pair of scissors and didn't measure anything, so this project was doomed to fail.

I think I'll just chop this one up and make another headband for Austen. Maybe I'll try again, with a higher quality piece of clothing and fabric scissors.


  1. Way to go! Even though it didn't turn out just how you wanted it, you aren't out anything! That's so awesome that you tried it. Thanks for linking to us!


    P.S. We've got a link party up and running if you want to link it up.



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