project pinterest : jersey headbands

I decided it's time to put all those pins on Pinterest to good use. This month, I am going to try and recreate as many recipes and DIY projects as I can. For my first project, I chose the one that looked the least intimidating and used the most basic supplies. You can probably make one with things you have lying around your house.

The Pinspiration
Adorable Jersey headband from Oh Sweet Babies

The Project
Hot glue gun.

Stretchy fabric for the band, and complimenting fabric for the flower.

Needle and thread. Scissors.

I measured around my very perturbed baby's head, and cut a strip of fabric about two inches shorter  in length than the circumference. Then I sewed the ends together, pulling the thread to create a gather at the seam. Then I went back and sewed again... 

resulting in this simple headband. You could very well just leave it like this! I think it's cute.

Then I cut a bunch of circles out of the fleece, which would be pinched together and hot glued to create a flower of sorts.

I put a bit of hot glue in the middle before pinching, to help the flower keep its shape.

Then hotglued the bud to the band at the gather. You probably want to sew it on. Or maybe even sew all the petals together, instead of hot gluing, to make it washable. But I'm lazy. I continued to pinch and hotglue the circles together until...

I got a good-size flower for that cute little head.

It was so easy and looked so cute, I made another.



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