look what came in the mail

i received a package full of sunshine the other day.
okay, that sounds cheesy, but it seriously made my day
and i just can't stop looking at it. check. it. out.

it's austen and river's new quilt my friend rachel from barlow baby made, and ohh, if poetry was a quilt it would be this one. just look at it. i'm pretty sure when i opened it, my husband thought it was crazy that i was so entirely smitten with a quilt. every bit of planning was made long distance and rachel just made it so easy. i gave her a few examples of fabric i loved, and told her i trusted her to pick out beautiful prints. she certainly did an amazing job -- the different prints go lovely together. it's playful and cheery and eclectic and charming and full of every color of the rainbow. you can tell it's made with pride and the craftsmanship is beautiful. i couldn't have asked for a more perfect quilt for my little ones. it is so special to receive something handmade. rachel, this certainly will be a family heirloom! thank you so much!

please head over to rachel's facebook page and take a look at more of her beautiful hand-mades!


  1. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. I love it! I've been dying to have a quilt made or maybe make one myself. I have a zillion scraps that would be perfect for one but I'm far too lazy.



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