why i'm a snaps convert

when it came to cloth diapers, i was a tried and true believer of hook and loop fasteners until a couple of months ago. i ordered all my diapers in aplix if i could, and registered only for aplix closures when i was pregnant with austen. while the rest of the cloth diapering world talked about how they much prefered snaps, i was the loner. velcro seemed easier, and i thought one would be able to get a much better fit on the waist with velcro, and that velcro was easier to use than snaps. and when it goes out, you can just replace it with snaps! the life of the diaper will be extended! besides, you can't fix a broken snap once it pops out! i would say with confidence.

but after two and a half years into cloth diapering, i have officially changed my mind. i admit it. snap closures are the way to go. one of the reasons i have decided to give in and love snaps is because you don't have to pull those awful diaper lines out of the wash. not only are they obnoxious, they are bad for the elastic, too, with all that tugging and pulling tangled diapers out of the wash. and as for getting a good fit with snaps, it is totally doable, and some diapers have snaps placed specifically to help prevent the dreaded wing-droop. it may take a bit of a more familiar hand to snap the diaper on with the best fit, but it's not difficult -- i mean, hello, they're cloth diapers. it's not rocket science.

but the main reason i prefer snaps? consider my collection of worn out diapers. i have four diapers that are unusable because the velcro is completely worn. i used them as long as i could, until i had heard "mama, mama! my diaper!" looking over to see a half-naked river too many times. they went into a bag that is marked "keep," but when am i going to find someone who can put snaps on them to extend their life? replacing worn-out velcro with snaps to extend the life of your diaper is a great idea in theory, but unless you live near someone local who can do it, or you have your own snap machine (is that what they're called? snap machines? probably not, but that's what we'll call them) it's probably not going to happen. sure there are women all over america who offer snap installment services, but by the time you pay for shipping and the cost per diaper to have it done, you might as well just buy a brand-new cover. you know how many snap closures diapers i have that are unusable? none. i have zero diapers that have detached snap closures. maybe i'm lucky, but that's enough for me.

so consider me a snap convert. do yourself a favor and go with snaps.


  1. I love this! I've been debating on whether or not to buy the newborn's covers with snaps or aplix. I prefer snaps for my toddler but I wondered about getting a good fit on a newbie with them. Thank you for your thoughts! As far as the snaps go JoAnn fabrics sells snap pliers and oodles of cute little plastic snaps. The pliers are about $20. I've never used their particular brand but they look just like the ones I do use. :)

  2. For all the covers I could save, $20 would be totally worth it. :) Congratulations on your new teeny babe, and have fun cloth diapering!

  3. I felt the same way until Rowan entered the "diaper changes are the worst thing in the world" phase and I long for all velcro diapers. Sigh.

  4. btw send me your crappy aplix diapers and I will convert them for you for free. :)

  5. Just found your blog because of your BWF birth story! :)

    I was all about the aplix until my son figured out how to take the diapers off. We just had 5 of them converted to snaps so he can run around in his diaper without removing it. I got lucky because I have a mama close to me who does diaper repairs, but convertmydiapers (dot) com will do it if you mail your diapers in - that was my plan until I found a local mama.

  6. I like velcro only for grandparents, babysitters, church nurseries and MOPS meetings.

  7. I totally agree. I've been cloth diapering for 14 years since my first was born, and I hate velcro. Mostly I hate cleaning the lint out of it! A waste of my time.



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