watching brother

right now, of course, their relationship consists more of sister watching brother than sister playing with brother. and laughing... lots of laughing. he is the only one who make her absolutely crack up. she's a very serious girl, but sometimes all river has to do is chuckle at her and he has her rolling.

she will watch his every move. a glance at her retrieves a glance at him, with those big doe eyes.

and lucky for me, he loves her back.

he's always been sweet, laid-back. and now that baby sister is here, that demeanor remains in the way he treats her.

i mean, every once in a while, i'll have to use those words you have to use with every toddler, "be gentle!" but mostly, he is. gentle and loving and involved and helpful and kind.

we are in the process of learning that when sister has something he doesn't want her to have, he must replace it with something she can have. don't want her to have your blue car? then take it gently and give her the red car. and another car. and another. okay, not on her face, please!

i know we still have a few more months to go before we really see the sibling rivalry kick in. soon, austen will crawl and snatch and screech when the red car is taken away.

but right now, it's so sweet. this brother and sister, together.

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