today's to-dos

my to-do list for the day:
- make lunch
- general pick-up (how does it get so messy so fast?!)
- wash all the blankets and linens
- wash one load of clothes
- fold and put away (why are there so many steps to the laundry process?!!)
- put the infant prefolds & covers in storage
- start marinating chicken for tomorrow's dinner
- finish editing photos for the san antonio birth center
- watch the latest episode of desperate housewives (oh hells yes.)

austen's to-do list for the day:
- make sure none of this happens

i am currently rocking her to sleep. she has already nursed, but no -- she will not nurse to sleep. i am playing her "please go to sleep austen" playlist i made for her bedtime on youtube; it works in magical ways. she responds to it by closing her eyes almost instantly -- i guess i've played it enough for her when she' sleepy that she associates it with bedtime -- but every time a song ends, she pops her eyes open and starts fussing, looking quite perturbed, until the next song plays. my particular little girl! i love her personality. it makes me laugh. i wonder how she is going to blossom in the next few years to come.

i think she is asleep now... i can feed the hungry toddler. he is bringing me hard-boiled eggs from the fridge, and i'm pretty sure i heard one being cracked repeatedly on the kitchen floor.


  1. There was no new episode of DH Sunday!!! >:-[

  2. That's cool about the "go to sleep" playlist. Remember "Teddy Is Ready for Beddy-By?" Kinda sorta worked with AJ when he wasn't too colicky. We played it over and over.

  3. oh my lord, i'm in love with your blog! i have some mama friends that would really love it that i'm going to share it with them. and your photos are gorgeous! anyway, i hope you made the plunge and went bright red!! i say you only live once, so why not. you can always dye it back if you dislike it :)



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