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when we moved from texas to washington in december, we got rid of 90% of what we owned. while this is mostly awesome because we got rid of a lot of crap we didn't need, it also means that we've been furniture-less going on four months now. i've convinced myself that part of the fun of this is starting with a blank slate. my challenge is to find most everything second-hand or make it myself. i've decided to make some inspiration boards with a few adorable things i've found in the wee hours of the morning --  people, there is some cute shiznit in internet land.

1. orange succulent pillow, kainkain
2.  mutabilis pillow, anthropologie
3.  bigger boat throw pillow, mengsel design
4. fescue bud vase, anthropologie
5. i heart you print, courtney oquist
6. cubist retro wall clock, bai design
7. red cabinet, ikea
8. vibe rug, rugs USA
9. karlstad sofa, ikea
10.  lace tall pendant, room & board

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  1. this is awesome...
    i just want to mention that we were in the same boat when we moved to the east coast from the west. we got rid of everything that didn't fit in our car, which meant we lived in an empty house for several months. we eventually found our furnishings at the right price (we got almost everything from craigslist and yard sales) - and we were surprised to find MANY great deals. the best part was we didn't have to fit old things into a new place, but were able to choose pieces to fit specifically into our home. the worst part was sleeping on the floor for 3 months... :)

    don't worry - you'll find just what you want!



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