i'm a phone photographer!

i have found my new best friend. i recently got a new free-with-rebate phone (an android xprt), which has a fantastic little camera and a fun app to edit photos. today we got acquainted.  it was a gorgeous day, sunny and a "warm" 52 degrees. absolutely perfect! the cherry blossoms are sprinkled on tree branches and gardens are starting to blossom. i sought out a new park with a playground and found an adorable one with a community garden and a dog park. the grass is green green, but i have to remember that it is rarely dry here. the ground seems to be perpetually soggy. even though it rained two days ago, when river was spinning in circles in a little field and fell, his bum was completely covered in a thick layer of mud. we had a good laugh. (me, after deciding it was so not something to get upset over, and river, after he saw me laughing, and decided the same thing.) it was so nice to not take around a clunky camera -- it's just not always possible with two babes. we have just arrived home to have  lunch and let austen get her nap in, and i'm trying to find a good soundtrack for today as i edit these photos. tomorrow the daddy has an entire work-free day, so as soon as the sun obnoxiously shines brightly through our window to wake us up (because tomorrow is another rain-free day, and truthfully, i love being woken up by a blinding morning shine) we will be on our way, taking advantage of a gorgeous spring day and off to find another park, where hidden mud puddles in soppy grass will be avoided to the best of our ability.


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  1. Oh poo! Where did the photos go?? Hey what was the app also...? :D



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