easy, yummy mama lunch

i just can't get a green smoothie down. there was a time when i was drinking them every day, but i just can't do it anymore. i finally admit that i don't really care for them, probably never will care for them, and well, i just don't feel like drinking them anymore. i never make them entirely healthy, either. i may load the blender with greens, but i also cheat by adding juice to sweeten things up. but i have found a filling way to get my veggies down. forget iceburg lettuce salads with ranch dressing. these salads are fresh, fancy, and delicious. i can eat a giant bowl of this -- the possibilities are practically endless and the ingredients last a surprisingly long time!

pick your green - my favorite is spinach by itself, but any garden mix will do.
pick your fruit - dried cranberries, cubed apples, pear slices, grapes, tangerines. whatever sounds good to you.
pick your cheese - i love feta in my salads. in the salad above, i used white stilton with apricots. yum!
pick your crunch - walnuts, almonds, pecans, or flax seeds are yummy additions.
dress - finally, top with extra virgin olive oil & a rich balsamic vinegar. you can also add a little splash of juice if you want; orange or cranberry are delicious.

enjoy and feel good about what you are putting in your body!


  1. yummy my favorite combo is...

    mixed greens with
    dried cranberries
    goat cheese crumbles
    red onion (sliced thin)

    and i recently feel in love with white balsamic vinegar

    darn... wish i had all those ingredients now

    1. mm, i've never tried white balsamic vinegar!



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