over the weekend

last weekend was a freakin' good weekend. on friday night, my parents called and asked if river could spend the night. um, yes?! when would i pass up the chance to have a quiet, toddler-free night? i am so used to being needed, that even after he was gone, i kept feeling like he was still here. john's cousin sarah has also moved to washington and is living with us, and every night we do this thing where we play scrabble and watch multiple episodes the office because we have no other friends and nothing better to do. i kept feeling like river might wake up at any moment and need me to lie down with him like most nights, and then i'd realize he wasn't there. talk about a much-needed deep, clear breath of free time. after my dad and sister picked him up, we spent the remainder of our evening quietly eating crappy vegan banana bread while quietly playing scrabble and quietly sipping vegan hot cocoa (totally not going vegan, but saying you're eating vegan food makes you cooler, right? we just haven't bought any milk or butter lately). it was all very quiet. ahhh, nice. sometimes mama just needs a break. thanks to my own mama, i get that sometimes.

when we lived in san antonio, we worked as freelance photographers and john, also as a graphic designer. it's not easy or realistic to pick up a business and just move it across the country. we have no contacts here and therefore, no way to continue photography. we were very blessed though, as john was able to find a great job almost immediately. this means he works out of the house full-time -- something we're not used to. it's not until now that i realized that advantages of having my husband home all the time. even when he was working, if i needed him to hold a baby or change a diaper or clean sticky hands, he was there to help me. with him working outside the hosue, putting the kids on a routine was easy, but it also means by the weekend we are really missing the papa bear. our weekends are spent soaking up our time as a family of four. taking it slow and enjoying simple things together, like car rides and listening to music and eating a meal together. since river was at my parents', saturday morning we decided to take advantage of just being mama, daddy & very quiet three-month-old who can neither walk nor talk, and went to barnes & noble to sip on hot tea and read over-priced books which we will never take home (must find this at the library... and this, and this one too... oh, and this one..) i love barnes. it's my quiet place, my sanctuary, my place to go and recharge and breath oxygen and sanity into my mommy brain.

after taking in our fill of yummy books, we stopped at starbucks with our "happy birthday free drink" cards (i got a venti chai tea latte with breve and a shot of peppermint syrup.. oh, it's the little things, people). then we finally headed to my parents' to get river. it was an absolute perfect day outside. the skies were crystal blue and sunny, and it was much warmer than it has been.  i've really become aclimated to this cold weather. in san antonio, "fall" weather is in the 60s, and i'm usually one of those wimps that needs a sweater. that weekend i was totally bragging about not even needed a jacket in 57 degrees. does that mean i am officially a northerner? taking advantage of the temperature and the quickly setting sun, we took river and my little sister to a nearby park called wonderwood.

washington is such a beautiful state. the north has a certain smell, and i realized as we were walking up the path to the playground. it's a very nostalgic smell for me. just beautiful. and the mountain -- it still amazes me every time. i have yet to get a good picture of it. i can't do it justice.



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