hello twenty twelve

happy new year, everyone! i suck at blogging during the holidays. the time has come for me to share my new year's resolutions. i didn't keep any last year, what with being pregnant nine months out of the year, and then having a new born the rest of the year, in the middle of holidays and moving. wow, just typing that sentence stresses me out. there was no way i was going to read a bunch of books, sew a lot of stuff, and eat healthy foods. okay, maybe the last one i could have kept, but you know. now that we are kind of settled in our new place (with 90% of your crap gone, it happens pretty quick) i am ready to get serious about this new year. my resolutions this year simple, but not easy.

eat well
i need to change my diet. something drastic needs to happen. after river was born, we got pretty healthy. when i got pregnant with austen, it went completely downhill. i answered the call of my sweet tooth and ate practically everything in site that contained hydrogenated oils and refined sugars! it's just so good. i love food. i love eating. it's my favorite pastime. eating food. so this year, i've started off by not only giving up crap like fast food, but also giving up dairy and refined sugar. eventually, i want to give up meat. but this is all temporary -- sort of a detox, if you will. one the main reasons i'm giving up dairy is because i've had horrible acne since i was about sixteen. i've heard that if you've tried everything and nothing helps, try giving up refined sugars and dairy. you don't know how difficult this is for me -- i love milk. i'm on day three and i've already cheated twice by eating food that was cooked with butter. i would give anything for a big glass of milk. the other night, i was craving sugar like you wouldn't believe, and my mom gave me an idea for an all-natural "candy bar." i will share soon in a blog post! this is going to be hard, guys... at the end of my dairy-sugar-meat-free couple of months, i will still try to stay away from refined sugar for the most part, use milk substitutes whenever possible (like almond milk), drink green smoothies as often as possible, and prepare meals with less meats. i have nothing against meat, but it is hard for our bodies to digest and our family definitely doesn't eat enough greens!

start running
i've wanted to start running for a couple years now. my mom's a runner, and now that i live near her, there is no excuse! i am going to start training for a half-marathon in the summer. a big part of me doesn't believe i can do it. i have horrible stamina, i'm in the worst shape you can imagine. skinny doesn't mean healthy or in shape, i can prove that to you by showing you what i look like after i've been running for thirty seconds. i am the last person you'd think would run a half-marathon, but i'm going to make it happen. i believe in my body. i know what i am capable of, even if my mind doesn't agree.

take a picture every day
i was so glad i made this my resolution two years ago. while i didn't get a picture every single day, i took a lot more photos than i normally would. this time i am going to post a photo for every day of the year.

no number. just read. a lot.

be nice
i have a problem with patience and yelling. i want to show christ to my children and my husband.

what are your resolutions this year?


  1. <3 the pictures. :)

    You will find that your mind plays an even bigger part than your body when it comes to running. You have the health, you have the ability; now you just have to build endurance. You will naturally tell yourself that you're tired, that can't go on, to stop, and then you will have to consciously tell yourself "Yes, I can do this! And I'm going to!" You can do it! We're going to have so much fun together!

  2. It's like you stole my resolutions! I really, really want to take up running; I'm just not sure how to make it work with the kids. If they were just a couple years older, I wouldn't have a problem leaving them alone (and asleep) for an hour in the morning. But right now, at 4 and 5, I just can't do it.

    You mentioned acne. Have you tried the oil-cleansing method? People tend to either love it or hate. I'm one who swears by it. I didn't have acne in HS, but as I've gotten older, I was having a lot of hormonal acne on my chin and jaw line. I switched to the OCM a couple months ago and I'll never wash my face with anything else. It seems counter-intuitive, but I swear I saw a difference in just a couple of days.

    My book goal is to read 52 books this year. I doubt I'll achieve it, but I figured this is one time when it's good to aim high. As long as it gets me to read more than last year, I've succeeded.

  3. Hi Whitney! I'm glad you guys are adjusting well and that you are loving your new city. I just wanted to share with you that I had tiny bumps on my face for years. Almost like a constant rash on my cheeks. I found out a few weeks ago that I am gluten intolerant. A few days after I stopped eating anything with gluten, my skin cleared up completely.

  4. I love this! The picture a day idea is so good. I think the last one is extremely admirable and so worthwhile. It sounds dumb, but it helps me to literally stop and breath... or stop and do a really scary fake smile for a few moments... even if it takes me unnaturally long to reply, it works. :) ...there's physiology to it, but it tells your brain you're calm or something. As for the running, um, if you can give birth without meds I bet you can do that!! Oh, and is that a pic of that gorgeous girl with a bottle in her mouth lol?!?

  5. edith! i've heard of gluten-free can be a problem too.. that's amazing that your face cleared up so fast! that was going to be my last resort. i don't know if i can do no meat, no dairy, no refined sugar, and no gluten... i might go crazy. or starve to death.

    ababynanny, yes! it was her first bottle of breastmilk. she was six weeks old, and i wanted to give her one so she didn't reject it later on, in case i ever needed to leave her with someone with a bottle of breastmilk. if you wait too long to give a EBF baby a bottle, they won't ever take one!



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