picture perfect

i wish i could say i have been snapping pictures like you wouldn't believe,  capturing every little moment as it happens in this new city, and have tons of beautiful photos to share with you, but to be honest i just haven't had time. oh, i have plans. i have visions. but they don't always pan out.

this morning austen and i woke up before john and river. i made my way through our icy living room, started a pot of coffee, washed the dishes, and gave sleepy austen a bath. i just love cold mornings, especially when coffee is involved.  it was nice and quiet and my little girl woke up deliciously cozy and squishy. the boys woke up shortly after i got her dressed and i flipped through my cookbook, thinking it would be nice to bake something warm for breakfast. i got my camera out to take pretty pictures of river helping me stir the batter in his footsie PJs, and maybe later, a photo of my coffee in the pretty little owl mug i picked up at goodwill for 30 cents, with a slice of steamy gingerbread sitting on a plate nearby. but then life took over and i realized halfway through the recipe we didn't have ginger or baking soda, so my "ginger" bread turned out totally weird, then i got into an argument with john because i said something passive aggressive, and then i yelled at river because he kept doing things like throwing the balls of yarn and making them trail through the living room, and then i spent the rest of the morning cleaning out crappy diapers from the last four days because we just got the sprayer hooked up last night.

i love the little things in life that make it enjoyable, but sometimes being a mom means that my life is probably the most unpoetic thing you can imagine. i mean, i'm pretty sure no one wants to see photos of me cleaning out poopy diapers over the toilet. but i can tell you that for all of those little poetic moments that do happen, i am glad i've taken my camera out. because i remember every. single. moment. i can look at any photo i've taken from the last two years and tell you exactly what was going on, why that was happening, how i was feeling. i wouldn't remember half those things if i hadn't had my camera with me.

i expect tonight to be completely poetic though, because we are all driving over to my parent's house (did i just say that? yes i did!) to eat nachos and drink hot cocoa and decorate the christmas tree and watch a christmas movie. i will take photos and i will post them and they will not show the little brother-sister bickering that happens in between the cookie decorating, or any poopy blowouts for which movies must be paused, or the glares between spouses when a situation with the bratty child is handled the wrong way, but such is life and -- this is coming from someone who does not handle stress well -- i'm loving every minute of it. :)


  1. happy for you! i love these thoughts... it makes me think about when i was 14 and on a family vacation in Hawaii. i kept trying to having romantic moments (just me and my imagination) by sitting at the edge of where the waves lapped but i kept getting smacked in the face with waves that smelled like fish poop.

  2. you would not believe how hard that made me laugh just now!



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