hello olympia!

we are here. we may not have a table, chairs, mattress, couch, dresser, or coffee table, but we are here. this has been a long-awaited change. i keep saying, i can't believe we made it! i can't believe this is my new city. i keep thinking we are flying back to texas in a few days, but no... this is our new home. it's exciting and makes me a little nervous at the same time. leaving san antonio made me realize what amazing friends we were leaving behind. our friends matt & amy stayed one night until two o'clock in the morning, helping us clean and take stuff to the dump. our friends kim & josiah took river to spend the night the last night we were in town, so that we could finish up the last details of moving. and my dear friend irene flew with me to seattle to help out with the babies. there were many other people who were involved in some way during our last days in texas, and i am so grateful for all of them. i only hope we can find such amazing, loving people in olympia!

our plane ride was easy, considering. i honestly don't know what i would have done without irene. she took time out from her schedule, her life, to bear eight hours of airports and airplanes and a slobbery baby and a tired two-year-old, just to make our trip to washington a little (no... a LOT) easier. she was the extra pair of hands and patience i needed. river and austen were surprisingly easy the whole day. i'm lucky that austen is as easy as she is. and river sat in his carseat, buckled into the plane seat, nearly the entire time. the day was long, but at the same time, seemed to fly by. everything went smoothly and before we knew it, we were in washington! irene took a photo of our get-up: two adults, two babies, four suitcases, four bags, and two carseats. it was pretty ridiculous.

i wish i could say things are going as smoothly for john. he has been on the road for four days now, and as i type this, he is stuck in echo, utah with a flat. it's been quite a journey for him so far. he is only able to go about 50 miles per hour with the trailer attached to the car, and he's already been towed twice, stuck in wyoming in a snow storm, and hurt his ankle. i'm glad our dog is there to keep him company... not that he's much help, but it's better than being completely alone. i won't be able to breathe until he gets here. please keep him in your prayers if you think about it. he still has about 850 miles to go.

tomorrow i am signing the lease and putting the deposit down for our apartment, but we're waiting to move in whenever john arrives... you know, since i don't have transportation and the only thing in the house would be clothes. i have a lot of thoughts about this move, and i know it's going to take a while to get settled, emotionally and physically, and make this newness feel like normal life. we're going to be perusing goodwill and craigslist for cheap furniture and hopefully a little paint, scrapbook paper and mod podge will make things feel homey. olympia is a beautiful city... it's been cloudy and foggy since we arrived, but today it's been sunny and the skies are so blue. the sun starts setting around four, and it is dark by 5:00; that is going to take some getting used to. last night as the sun was setting, i was out shopping with my sister for christmas gifts, and i could see mount rainier from the michael's parking lot, its pink, snowy top peaking from in between the tall pines that are everywhere. it's so different from san antonio! i can't wait until my camera arrives with john and all our other stuff, and i can start taking photos of everything. including my babies in their new christmas socks. :)


  1. Hooray! I have been hoping for an update! The early setting sun gets to me here in Pittsburgh. :) I am praying that John gets their safely.

    I am so excited to see pics of your little cuties in Olympia!

    Love you!



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