christmas was merry!

the whole christmas theme on my blog is getting a little old. i haven't had time to make a new header but i guess at this point i should just recycle an old one. until then, it's also about time i posted our christmas photos.

christmas eve night was spent at my family's house. my mom's parents started the tradition that the youngest children see the tree on christmas day first, and this year austen must have been pretty excited because she woke up at eight on the dot and would not fall back asleep, even though normally she is a pretty late sleeper.  i admit that even at twenty-three years old, i get really excited for christmas. so, when i figured she wasn't going back to sleep, i did what i had to do and woke up my little sisters, knowing they would spring out of bed and wake everyone else up. instructions to "not come down until you hear the christmas music!" were given and the kids chattered in excitement as they all lined up near the top of the steps, anticipating seeing the after-santa tree.

austen was first, of course, but she was all very blasé about the whole thing.

next was river. i was totally excited to get a picture of him seeing the tree this christmas, because it is the first christmas that he

1) understood what was going on and
2) cared.

i present to you, river's christmas face:

he immediately started playing with the little people set santa scored at a second-hand store.

next was my little sister emma, who is ten. this picture cracks me up. it reminds me of this picture my mom has of herself running down the stairs behind her little brothers. my uncles are walking calmly down and my mom is just a blur. 

emma was shocked to discover santa had brought her a gerbil.  i mean, after her initial scream of happy disbelief, she just kind of sat there and it seemed to take a while to sink in. she had been asking and asking and my mother met each request with a resounding NO! no gerbils in the house! 

that santa...

the older kids were way too cool to make a big deal about the tree, but there was an inkling of emotion when my brother saw that he received the hoodie and webcam he'd wanted so badly. 

river got some cute mittens from his great-grandparents and insisted on opening presents while wearing them.

my old american girls doll was my gift to my little sister. she carried it around the rest of the day. :)

river's "fix-its" from my step mom. he loved them! after opening these, he then insisted on opening further gifts with his fix-its. and the mittens.

three cans of cinnamon rolls and two packages of bacon fed us for breakfast. when my mom asked what everyone liked more, we all replied bacon. duh.

and it looks like santa had more than just milk and cookies that night...

i really wanted to make hand-made gifts this year, but that was a little unrealistic in the middle of the move. we did, however, manage to keep river and austen's gifts within our "toy guidelines," or whatever you want to call them. we only got them a few things each, and everything was either second hand, eco-conscious, or ethically made. it was so hard to stick to these guidelines and i was tempted to just buy anything i could find in our budget for austen when it was two days before christmas and we had not found her that perfect gift yet (because she totally cares), but i didn't cave! i hope next year i can get started earlier and be a bit more creative and make them lop-sided mama-made toys with love. i had tons of friends who made their kids hand-made gifts this year and it was so inspiring to see their creations.

okay, now christmas is officially over and i can change my blog. :)


  1. I love this sweet post! River's Santa came pic is perfect. What a devine holiday it looks like you'll had and I love how green you kept it! Xo from Texas!

  2. Whitney, thank you for capturing Christmas day on your blog! Of course, we have many Christmas pictures on my camera and I downloaded them to the computer, but it's so nice to see a few good ones in a blog post that chronicles what was going on, and some of our rituals. When I was younger, we had to take pictures on film and send it off to be developed, not getting to see the pictures we took for several days. When we finally got them back, the pictures went straight to an album (at least the good ones did!). Now that we've gone digital I have become so lazy! What a sweet Christmas 2011 was, with you and John my precious grandbabies here!



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