annual reflections

every christmas, i start reflecting on what christmas is about, without even meaning to or hardly realizing it. i think in the midst of feeling the "christmas spirit" i have to remind myself what it is all about, because it is truly about something that outweighs everything else in history. the other day, i was holding austen, and thinking of what it must have been for mary to hold tiny jesus. to love him as much as she did. and, like most mothers, to want to protect him with every fiber of her being, while knowing that he was going to be the sacrifice for the world. could she even fathom it? how much did she know? what was it like, loving her child, knowing that he was both god and man, and that he would die before she would? i came across this from donald miller's blog, and just loved it:

I can't think of a better way for God to enter the world than as an infant. He became on of his creation, for the sake of his creation. For a period in world history mankind changed the diapers of God. He nursed at his creations breast. How disarming of him. What a fantastic way to build a bridge between an infinite God and finite man. He depended on us for food and shelter and even life. He gave up power and control in an effort to love and rescue.

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