three weeks and all is well

people keep asking me how things are going with two, since i did write a minor freak-out post about how hard things were and how at one point i decided i didn't want two babies after all. after those first few nights, things really settled down. it's been interesting getting to know austen's patterns and disposition. river was a pretty easy baby, very active, very laid back, very strong, very alert. from the time he was born until he was about a year old, strangers always thought he was two months older than he was, because he was so bright-eyed and strong. he lifted himself off his chest at ten days old (i swear! i have video! and witnesses!), and was walking at nine months. despite being an easy going infant, he would nurse all day, and that was stressful at times. we're talking at least every hour, if not more. he would take a couple two-hour naps during the day, but the rest of the day he would snooze and nurse, snooze and nurse. and at night, he woke up nearly every hour to nurse at night, too. i couldn't take him off the boob and sooth him to sleep. he never, ever, ever fell asleep without nursing.

okay, i lie, he did. once:

river fell asleep by himself for the first time at 7.5 weeks. i was cooking dinner and realized he had been quiet, so i poked my head around the wall to peep at him, and found him sleeping. i was so shocked, i took a picture to remember the day forever.

austen is three weeks old today (whaaat...), and i know this is around the time when colic usually rears its ugly head, but so far she is proving to be quite a content baby as well. but there are two differences between she and her brother, though. she sleeps, and she can fall asleep without nursing. this is huge. i was so over nursing constantly, and really tired of having to nurse river to sleep any time i wanted him asleep. this girl actually stops nursing when she's full -- something river never did. it's so cute. she'll just pull off and sigh contentedly and smack her little lips, and then just lie there with her eyes wide open. thanks mom, that was great. i'm good now. it's 'cause she's a girl. she's a dainty eater. she's dainty everything, compared to river. i feel like she's more of a newborn than river was. she sleeps.. a lot... and isn't even close to lifting herself off her chest!

my sweet three-week-old princess.

she's already learned the bed means sleep. she will be restless and discontent and uninterested in nursing, but as soon as i take her to the bed and nurse her a bit, she will completely settle down. i will be able to take her off the breast and she'll quickly fall asleep just lying next to me. she only wakes up two or three times to nurse at night -- the other night she slept for five and a half hours straight! river never did that, either. geez, i feel really lucky. she does like to be held almost all the time. while she will fall asleep well without nursing if she is tired, if she's wide awake, she must be held. and she's already learned the difference between me and others. sometimes, she just wants mama. yeah, i admit it, i kinda like it. :) so anyway, there's an update. don't worry, i don't want to give my daughter away and i haven't spent any more sleepless nights crying with two crying babies.

on another note, hey, it's november! which means just a month until we move! and two months until christmas! i saw my first christmas commercial of the season yesterday. it was very exciting. i do not help the anti-consumerist movement during the holidays at all. i mean, not that i "consume" a lot (unless we're talking about cookies), but... i'm making a point to teach river what a christmas tree is -- sorry, mama loves christmas. should i put my holiday playlist up on the blog yet?!

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  1. So cute!

    And, heck yes to the Christmas music!!!! I am so excited for this Christmas, also because next Christmas will be our first with a baby. This one I'll just be a fatty fatty that eats all the cookies (and pie and BBQ and tamales and sweet potato casserole)



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