one month

today my tiny girl turned one month old. i can't believe it. i've had her for one-twelfth of a year. for one-third of the "fourth trimester." the past week she has changed dramatically, from a sleepy newborn to an alert little baby girl who is discovering the use of her muscles and doesn't sleep nearly as much as i wish she would when i am trying to do the laundry. :) i constantly have to remind myself to take my time and drink in every moment with her. i guess it's easier this time around to forget to do that, in the middle of having a two-year-old and keeping up with the house, and on top of all that, moving to another part of the country. multiple times a day, though, i do find myself just staring at her in all her loveliness. i know it passes so quickly. everyone told me that with river, and it wasn't until he was six months old in the blink of an eye that i realized how true it was. many times since austen was born, i've thought, can it just stay this way forever? can my baby girl stay tiny, and can my little boy stay a toddler? do they have to grow up? i do look forward to their different phases of life and i know every age brings completely beautiful and unique and adorable things.

we saw a lot of family and she got to meet her great-grandpa al and great-grandma liche, john's grandparents, for the first time. it was quite a busy day. it's times like these that make me a little teary-eyed about moving. i so badly want change, a cooler climate, and to live near my mom, but we do have so many people that we love here.

my little brother used to make the same cheesy face at this age when we'd tell him to smile for a picture.

austen celebrated turning a month old by smiling at me today. i had just finished changing her diaper and she was lying there with her big eyes wide open and a little pleasant look on her face, and i thought maybe i could coax a smile out of her. she'd already smiled at her daddy and her aunt rosie. i was so lucky to see that beautiful smile! i'll remember forever! it was a real smile too. river's first smile at me was in my general direction, but it was more of a contended smile. he was a very happy baby. this smile was all, hey, you're my mom! love. plus, i know it was genuine because she very quickly went back to being a little grump after i buttoned her onesie up. ;)

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