goodbye san antonio!

this morning in between packing, cleaning, breakfast, yo gabba gabba, and laundry, i took a few pictures of the babies... austen was in such a smiley mood and this was the first time i dressed her to impress. normally she's in a simple onesie, but it's been cool and she needed layers. she's outgrown most of her newborn clothes, so i pulled some out that i didn't think i'd need for at least a couple weeks, and put her in a headband with a big flower. what is it about big flower headbands that make little baby girls so irresistible? she's like having a little doll. dressing a girl is just way more fun than dressing a boy.

tomorrow morning we are boarding the plane to seattle! this is the last time i'll be writing from texas, and these are the last photos taken of my little texans. next time we bring out the camera, we'll be settled in our new apartment in olympia. i'm beyond excited.

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  1. Your kiddos are so beautiful! Austen seems to be looking a lot like her big brother these days :)

    I hope that your plane trip went smoothly and I hope to read about that adventure soon :)




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