very important pumpkin decisions

two small pumpkins that river could actually carry were decided upon, and when it gets closer to halloween, we will get a carving pumpkin and roast some pumpkin seeds in the oven... yum. we still have halloween costumes to pick... yes, costume[s]. for my sister's first halloween, my mom bought a pair of white baby long johns, painted cow spots on them, hot-glued a little felt tail on the butt, and hot-glued felt ears on a plain white bonnet. it was so cute. i want to get something for the baby equally simple, i just haven't figured out what. we haven't decided what river will be either. i'd sort of forgotten for a while that halloween was coming up and that he needed a costume. i want to make him something this year rather than buying it, so... i guess i better get on that. he wore the same little pumpkin costume last year as he did his first halloween, and while i'm sure he could fit into it again, i don't want to pass up getting him something he'll really love this time, just because baby sister is coming -- you know, since he's actually old enough to understand and enjoy the holiday. we've gone through our most obvious options, things river loves: a monkey, a puppy, a banana (just kidding... he is really obsessed with bananas though).

halloweens of yore:



more photos of this halloween here.


  1. OK, I think River should be a cowboy. The year Sky was a cow, AJ went as a cowboy. (He would say, "'Ky is my baby cow." All you need is jeans, a plaid western style shirt, bandanna, cowboy hat and cowboy boots! Not only easy (and you will be sorta busy with a newborn pretty soon), but *practical* because he can keep wearing the clothes you buy for his costume! He would make such a cute little cowboy!!!



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