hello autumn

this morning we headed for breakfast with my dad, and when i stepped out of our house i was greeted by the crisp wind on my face. the scent of firewood was in the air and leaves piled along the curb crunched underfoot. you have no idea how excited this made me. this is about as wintery as it gets around here and for some reason i started getting into the holiday spirit way too early, which means i'm thinking of how to decorate our apartment this year, what i'll give friends for christmas, what design we'll use for our greeting cards, what new traditions we'll start as our little family unit (since we are spending christmas in texas this year, instead of going up to pittsburgh to visit my family), what cookies and other delicious treats i want to bake, and what crafts i want to (try) to complete. i am SO READY! and i'm not denying the christmas music stuck in my head.

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