river's room makeover

i have finally finished river's room!

just kidding. actually, this is how river's room looked a couple months ago after a few little friends came to visit, and then before i cleaned it up about three weeks later. yes, three weeks. i took this picture for a friend because we were comparing messy houses to make each other feel better. the following pictures are two days later, when i decided it might be a good idea to make it a livable, sleepable space.

the yellow dresser got a makeover! remember how it looked before? i love it! it's really a gift from my friend irene, because she actually bought the handles and paint to redo it. thanks to her, it looks adorable and modern.

i've been wanting this ikea moose since i saw it three years ago. found it at a thrift store for $18. river loves it and now thinks horses and cows are moose, too. (for instance, last night at the halloween church party? forget pony rides. that was a moose, y'all.)

from left to right -- vintage books, a giant R for guesswhat, stacking cubes, adorable elephant bank river got from a dear friend before he was born, a book wagon and a couple handmade stuffed animals (the red chicken was made by my friend amy over at maker mama), and my mom's fischer price school house from when she was itty bitty.

the dresser was plain black before. way too dark for the space, especially after we painted the walls. rather than sanding it down and painting it, i just bought scrapbook paper and mod-podged it up. it cost about $20 total (i went through an entire tub of mod podge) and i love how it turned out! it's easy to wipe down and so far it has held up wonderfully to river and his fellow toddlers.

this has got to be the cheapest, cutest art to put together. i love how hoop art looks. for the fabric and hoops (some of which i already had on hand), this cost about $10 total.

a tiny shelf John made a few years ago which was actually a "soap box" prop for something we did. perfect for all his prefolds.

you may remember the before pictures... there definitely wasn't much to this room before i started. i love it now... i'm so happy with how it turned out! it really is too bad that we are now moving and therefore, i won't be able to enjoy it anymore. this is the closest i've ever come to completely decorating a room in our house before. the only thing left to do is the baseboards. yep, we've been living here for eleven months and the baseboards aren't done. that's how we roll. and i still wish i had a little white rug in the center -- i think that would make it more cozy and add some brightness in contrast to the dark walls and floors. of course, once we move i can remake his room. and then maybe i'll get a white rug.

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