ready for more adventures

if you remember last year, my desperation to move, well, it has returned. not that it ever went away, but it was pretty clear that god wanted us to stick around for a bit (and thankful that we did, otherwise i wouldn't have my midwife with me during this pregnancy!). now we are once again at that place where we are asking god to help us move, this time to washington state. i've wanted to leave this city for as long as i've been here, and was always determined that i wouldn't be "stuck" in my hometown. i have often felt stuck and i'm so open to change, at almost any expense. (okay, obviously not any expense, but life is an adventure and i'm ready to live one!)

my family just recently moved to washington and we are hoping to follow close behind. my mom won't be able to meet our little girl until christmas time, and that's only if we're able to move. i'm not willing to make a plane trip alone with two babies, unless it's to stay where i'm going, and who knows when they'll be able to visit texas again. the kids have been homeschooled their entire lives (my brother, up until january when he started public school in pittsburgh) and this year my mom decided to put them in public school, so gone is the flexibility that comes with homeschooling -- no more random trips in the middle of the school year, school books in tow! i am ready to be out of this hot, hot city and move to a cooler climate. i'm excited to move to a new city, especially being able to live so close to my mom, my best friend. i've never been west, and i never imagined someday i would live in washington! but i'm so ready!

we are working toward this goal and have officially informed our family and friends that we want to move. if everything works out, we will be moving in early december. we are hoping to get rid of almost everything we own, except for what can fit into a small trailer that will hook up to our tiny car. i'll fly up with the babies (a two-year-old and a one-month-old... god help me) and john will drive the long drive. it's quite a feat but i think we will be able to accomplish it. i will breathe big breaths of fresh, rainy winter air when we arrive and know that our unconventional life in washington will all be worth it! i really enjoy moving and starting fresh, even if things don't go as expected (honestly though, i have no idea what to expect).

my little sister, who is just about to turn ten, has been praying every night to st. joseph, the patron saint of travel, that we will move there. so duh, it has to happen. (when my mom told me this it made me want to cry. how i miss my little sweetheart.) it's all in god's hands right now. i am very excited and ready, sooo ready!


  1. I've lived in several different places in my life so far and I feel the same way about moving - it's exciting getting to start anew. Keep us updated on your journey! I'm super excited for you guys and living vicariously through you because I gotta finish school before I start planning new places or new babies. :)

  2. thanks katie! hold tight, your time will come! i totally know how you feel. :)

  3. Well, I live in Spokane. Have also lived in Vancouver, and visited Seattle and Tri cities, so if you're near any of those places I could maybe offer advice. The Oregon coast is never too bad of a trip, and even though you have to get used the fact that the beaches are gray, it really is awesome there! Manzenita is the best, adorable little hippie shops (it is Oregon!), Tillamook factory- squeaky cheese samples and good ice cream!- and Haystack rock. The coolest thing is that that it's so wet, that the sand is will be wet and packed at least when the coast is out, so you can rent those bikes you lay down in, THAT is cool to ride along the sand. You will love the Evergreen tree forests and yes some awesome rivers and tall snow peaked mountains, it is beautiful if nothing else.



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