and the little one said, roll over

sharing sleep with our son... there is nothing sweeter than being woken up to a chipper "hi mama!" and tiny kisses on the lips and little chubby hands trying to fit my glasses on my face. it is the best morning greeting, better than the sun shining on my face. i love waking up in the middle of the night and laying a hand on his chest, making sure he's still breathing in... breathing out... i love that he's right there next to me, that if he wakes up in the dark he won't be scared because he knows i'm right next to him. sometimes he snuggles back to sleep, sometimes he wraps his little arm around my neck, sometimes he stays where he is. i love how when i go to bed, he's there sleeping, looking like a little angel (like all babies and mischievous toddlers when they're sleeping) and it's my turn to snuggle to sleep. it's precious, and john loves it too...

of course i wasn't thinking this at all at five o'clock this morning as river was tossing and turning and waking me up for the forth time. he normally sleeps well, but on those off nights, it's brutal. especially since i am pregnant and can't function on less than a full night's sleep. plus every time i am woken in the middle of the night, i have to pee. it never fails. and it's not easy to get out of bed when your stomach is the size of a basketball.

we are just 6 weeks (hopefully!) away from meeting our little girl and with a queen size bed and the fact that the boy child sometimes sleeps horizontally with his heel in between my shoulder blades, co-sleeping with four in the bed is just not going to work. putting another bed in our room or moving the mattress to the floor, like many bed-sharing families do, sounds wonderful but is not an option. i am mourning this yet rejoicing at the same time. if we weren't expecting a new baby, i wouldn't even be thinking of moving river to his own bed. as mentioned above, we really do love co-sleeping. but i am looking forward to having our little girl in the bed with us, and perhaps getting a few night's sleep before she arrives without being squished up against the side rail.

you may have read about our night-weaning experience. that was fun. no it wasn't. i'm not really thrilled about co-sleep "weaning." for your entertainment, i will post how it goes. we're starting on monday, no exceptions! have you ever forced a bed-sharing kid out of your bed before? any tips?

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  1. God just worked a miracle for me when I had an 18 month old that needed to move out to make room for baby. I was a mess but he just did it. Daddy put him in bed. That might be key. It was amazing.
    This latest princess...agony. What has worked is to make a pallet on the floor or our bedroom. We put her in her bed at night and she knows that the special bed is there for her if she needs it. Not mommy's bed. Her special bed in mommies room. More and more she is sleeping all night in her own room and seems proud when she makes it all night. Don't make this a power play or you're dead meat. I tried that with baby #2 and it was agony for both of us.
    Each kid is different. Do your best to make them feel really safe. And be very matter of fact..."this is your spot. this is where you sleep. goodnight. I love you. I will see you in the morning".
    If that fails, and I ain't gonna lie..sometimes it does...trust that it will work eventually. Be strong. You can do this! ;-)



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