mine for two years : river

my baby became a two-year-old over night.

one moment he'll be eating face-first out of his bowl like a puddy (puppy), the next he's shaking glitter all over his hands and then tranferring said glitter to the table/chair/floor, and moments later he'll be bringing me my folded clothing (now unfolded, of course) and an armful of hangers (which means, like, two): "here, mama! clothes!" he loves hanging on things like a monkey (doorknobs, counter tops... anything above three feet that will hold his weight) and lately has a fascination with turning on the faucet in the bathroom sink, now that he can reach it, and washing his hands with 72 squirts of soap. everything is turned into a cell phone (a remote, the right size book or piece of paper, you name it) and anything can be turned into a song ("maaamaa... mama daddy maaamamaaaaa. booook, mama reeeeead, night-night mamadaddymamaaaaa"). he wakes up every morning in the greatest mood... snuggling and cuddling and stroking my face while i pretend to be asleep, and then the moment i open my eyes he gasps and says in the most dramatic, drawn-out, sweetest voice, "HIII MAMAA!" like i am just the best thing in the world. his favorite foods: bananas, tacos, oatmeal, yogurt, eggs, and strawberries. his favorite things? drums, airplanes, puppies, the water hose, baths, reading books, playing outside, and dancing. this boy. can. dance.

i keep saying how i can't believe how much he's grown and how i'll look at him and think, "wow, now he's really not a baby anymore!" but seriously, this time i mean it more than ever before. he is, for real this time, a full-grown toddler. i can hardly believe he's two. he has been, from the day he was born, the light of my life. every day is wonderful and fun because of this teeny boy. i kind of can't believe it.

let me start off by saying second birthdays are much more fun than first birthdays. of course first birthdays are amazing milestones and special in every way. but this time, we were able to do so much more with him and enjoyed watching him enjoying his day. it started off with his favorite breakfast -- oatmeal with peaches! around lunch time we headed to chickfila to get him some ice cream and play in the play area (which he calls the swing... even though there are no swings). he's never had his own ice cream before, so we thought it'd be a special treat. he had a different idea, though. he was excited about i-keem (ice cream) until he saw the wing (play area), and then he wanted nothing to do with ice cream. there we were standing in line for ice cream and he's trying to clamber out of my arms. it went something like this.

river: WING! WING!
me: don't you want some ice cream?
river: no! wing.
me: look, mmm! ice cream! let's order some ice cream first!
river: noooo, wing wing wing! no i-keem! wing!
me: you don't want ice cream?!
river: no. WING! (seriously, what do i have to do to convince this lady?)
me: wait, look! there's yogurt. you love yogurt! want some yogurt?
river: N-- yeah. yuhgut.
me: do you want ice cream or yogurt?
river: YUHGUT!
me: really? (thinking, no way... let's try this again) do you want ice cream?
river: no.
me: do you want yogurt?
river: yeah, yuhgut!
me: do you want ice cream...or yogurt?
river: yuhgut!

eating yogurt and waving to passersby outside the window.

and there you have it. he was more excited about the "wing" than the ice cream, and more excited about the yogurt than the swing. and so the birthday boy got his special yogurt treat, made special only by the fact that it probably had 30 grams of sugar in it and he's used to eating it plain & unsweetened. afterwards, of course, he wung on the nonexistent wing.

we then went to target for some new clothes and shoes and to pick out a little present. honestly, this is the first time in his entire life that i've actually had to shop for clothes for him. we've always been crazy blessed with hand-me-downs from tons of people, enough that we actually receive too much and can pick out our favorites and donate the rest. i had so much fun buying him a couple cute shirts. for his present, we gave him the option of a puzzle, a sock monkey, and a tiny airplane, and he picked -- the airplane, for a mere $2.50.

that night we had church and he fell asleep and woke up grumpy when we stopped for gas... so i bought him one last treat for his birthday. his first chocolate milk. i'm pretty sure he loved it, not just because of this cheesy smile, but because he was not happy when it was gone!


  1. Wow, it's the end of an era. When I was just barely discovering home birth and my fascination with it, I found you via youtube. Now I've just decided I want to be a lactation consultant. He does look so big. I hope to be as happy as you guys one day. Thanks for everything you've shared thus far in your parenting journey, it's been more positive influence than you likely realize.

  2. awww i remember those days with my oldest (she just turned 4 aug 3rd) it's amazing how fast times goes by and now i have a 4yr old,2 yr old and 5 month old. i keep thinking to myself where in the world has time gone?! its amazing what they seem to learn over night i can remember when my older 2 barely said 2 words and now they will talk to one another all the time (our 2yr old still does some baby babble and our 4yr old seem to still understand it lol)

    Glad to see your little man had a wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday River!



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