river's art party

to celebrate river's second birthday with family and friends, we threw a little art party. on a long table we set up canvases, paints, scrapbook paper, glue, glitter, scissors, and raffia and let the kids have at it! it was fun to see their creations. what good little blooming artists!

it was a morning birthday party, so for food we had egg casserole, fruit, and no birthday party in san antonio is without chips and salsa. i'm proud to say the casseroles were a hit, and i actually made a third casserole last-minute as guests were arriving -- and it's a good thing i did because they were eaten completely! the cake was a yellow cake and the cupcakes were chocolate -- nothing really healthy about it (uh... other than the organic cream cheese in the frosting and whole wheat flour in the chocolate cupcakes, but i'm pretty sure the refined sugar canceled that out ;), but they were made from scratch as opposed to a box cake or pre-made store-bought cake, and five ingredients is healthier than fifty, right?

for decor we just hung paper pom poms and a "hooray, river is two!" banner. i can't bring myself to buy balloons anymore, and the pom poms are a great "greener" alternative, though it does take a lot longer to fold, cut, and fluff 12 pom poms than to blow up 12 balloons... but they are much cuter. :)  i wish i had gotten more pictures, but when you're busy planning and executing an party the last thing you think of is to actually take any pictures, even if you're a photographer. but here is what i did get -- enjoy!


  1. Great pics, and what a fun party!! I love the pom-pom idea!

  2. I agree! The pictures are great!! I loved the pom-poms and the banner you made. I need you to show me how to make those. (Wouldn't it look cute on my garage the day Jaden comes home from the hosptial: "It's a boy!" or "Welcome home Jaden". Hehe I'm so excited about the "small" stuff.)

    River and all the children looked like they had a blast! What a fun idea: "Art" party! I'm going to have to remember that! :)

  3. thanks! oh the banner is so easy, erin! it's just scrapbook paper that i cut and hot-glued to ribbon. the letters are outlined with sharpie marker. it was fun to make. :) last year i made a fabric bunting in the same way, by cutting fabric triangles and sewing them to ribbon and it was a lot more tedious.



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