soon to be making an appearance

i lurve babies. whether someone's having their first or their tenth, i get super excited for any of my friends who are welcoming a precious new life into their family. back in february, we attended the birthday dinner of one of our friends, and told them that, surprise, i was pregnant with number two. yay, okay, a new baby, exciting. with your second (and beyond, i'm sure) it's more like a pat on the back, and when you have two kids in less than three years of marriage, shock and awe. so we settled into our chairs at the restaurant and ordered our food. as everyone was finishing up their meal, ben and erin handed out valentine's gifts to their parents and asked us to photograph their reactions as they opened the gift. can you guess what was inside? okay, no, not a baby, but a picture of a positive pregnancy test was. best birthday lunch EVER! it was especially exciting to be pregnant with a friend this time around.

and now, eight months later, little jaden is going to be making his appearance in just two short weeks. be on the lookout for follow-up newborn pics. ;) congrats, erin and ben! you know we are ecstatic for you guys.


  1. For a brief second when you announced that you were/are expecting baby #2, I was like "how did she know I was pregnant?!?! We haven't told anyone! Oh wait, I think Whitney said she was pregnant. Whew!" Hehehe. I was so nervous about over or under reacting to your news... because I was worried about spilling the beans to our news too soon. Hahaha. I was/am so thrilled to know you were/are pregnant too. Makes pregnancy more fun when you have people to share stories with and relate to. Yea for babies!!! :) I cannot wait to meet your baby girl either!

  2. LOL that's hilarious erin! what's funny is just about a week before when we had lunch with ben john was asking him when y'all were going to have kids. he didn't say a peep. ;)



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