our diaper stash: pockets & all-in-ones

I love stash posts... it's the cloth diaper addict in me. I've been wanting to do a diaper stash post for some time, to share what we have and a brief description of each diaper and how it works for us. With the addition of a new baby who happens to be a girl, our diaper stash has grown considerably and now is full of adorable prints and pinks and purples! Some of these I obviously have yet to try, but I am so excited and can't wait to cloth diaper this baby from birth. I bought River's first cloth diapers when he was four months old, and we weren't exclusively cloth diapering for a couple months, so this will be entirely new to me! I will have the joy of simply plopping the poopy diapers into the wash without rinsing them... because EBF poop is water soluble. ;)

River has been bare-butt potty trained for about two months. At home, he walks around stark naked, and is great at going pee and poop in his little froggy potty. It never gets old -- "Look, mama! See? River potty!" He is always so proud of himself. I figured since he has been doing so well using the potty at home when he's naked, I should tackle the rest of potty training -- get him used to wearing undies and going on the big potty when we are out and about. But we also need to tackle another thing, much bigger in my opinion, and that is moving him to his own bed. I don't want to do both at the same time, in the short remaining weeks before the baby arrives. I think it would end up being really stressful for both of us, and I'd rather just be a lazy mom and put a diaper on him at night and keep him naked during the day. I'm not ready to deal with morning after morning of wet sheets and the thought of sitting his little booty on a nasty public toilet grosses me out. Plus, he's barely two years old, so I think we're doing okay! With just a couple months left of summer weather, I know he won't be able to run around naked forever, and he doesn't like taking his diaper off to pee anyway, so I'm pretty sure we'll go back to diapering full-time. I'm okay with having two in diapers, and I think our stash is now big enough to do so!

So, with that long, entirely unnecessary introduction behind us, here's what you'll find in our diaper stash, as far as pockets and all-in-ones. I'll share about prefolds and covers in the next post. (Just to clarify, OS means one-size.)

Pocket Diapers:
2 BumGenius 4.0 OS
2 Rumparooz OS
1 Thirsties Duo Diaper, size 1
2 Happy Heinies OS
3 Fuzzibunz OS
1 Dinkledooz OS
7 GoGreen OS
1 Knickernappies

- I like our BumGenius pockets okay... enough to register for another one for the little girl. I might get a couple more if they had more colors or prints to choose from. That's not saying it isn't a great diaper, because plenty of people love BGs!

- I haven't tried our Rumparooz yet. We registered for them for the baby, but I can't wait to use them! My friend Elise is using them on her 2 month old with success. He's a small baby and they aren't too bulky on him, nor do they leak -- two great signs! Check out her blog to read more about her experience with the Rumparooz pocket diaper.

- The Thirsties is unused as well, but I love our Thirsties covers, so I'm hoping the pocket diaper I got serves us just as well! I like how there are two openings -- apparently, you don't have to remove the insert when it goes in the wash. I got the smaller of the two sizes which is supposed to last up to 18 lbs. River fit into the 2nd size at 4 months and 16 lbs, but he was barely 20 lbs when he turned a year old, so I really hope this diaper fits our little girl for an entire year!

- I had a used Happy Heinies for River that I loved, but I was only able to use it for a few months because it is one of the things our front-loader went to town on -- shortly after I bought it, the elastic gave out, and I'm pretty sure it was a machine issue and not a diaper issue. I can't wait to use these girly prints on the new baby.

- Fuzzibunz is one of the classics and are usually one of the first ones I pick out of the stash. They work well for River, so I'm hoping they work well for the baby. I am interested to see how they fit a newborn, because while it's easy to change the rise on the diaper, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a snug fit around her waist. Anyone have experience with a newborn in a Fuzzibunz?

- I love my Dinkledooz. You know that. I am waiting to order more for the teeny one! This is another that Elise is trying out, and in her experience, they aren't working as well for a newborn. That's fine though, since the baby will have tons of infant prefolds I want to put to good use before we start using our pocket diapers.

- I have more GoGreens than any other pocket. I like them, but I'm hoping to trade a couple for another type of pocket diaper, because I love variety in my stash! The ones I have are the older version and about as basic as you get, but they work pretty well, as long as they are stuffed properly. The inserts they came with are a little thin, so I have to double-stuff if I use those inserts (which really isn't all that uncommon with pocket diapers when diaper a toddler -- I've been double-stuffing most of River's pockets lately, unless I'm using a super thick insert).

- There is only one Knickernappies in our stash, because they didn't work out at all for River. I've heard this could be a boy problem -- since boys pee in the front and this diaper has side-snaps, which means the flaps are inside the diaper, blocking the top of the insert. River has always been a heavy wetter, so this makes sense. I bought one for the girl, hoping maybe they will work for her. (...because I like variety :)

1 BumGenius 4.0 OS-AIO

2 Grovia OS-AIO
2 TotsBots Easy Fit OS-AIO

- I don't really like all-in-ones and I would not get another BumGenius AIO. I lucked out in getting this one barely used for just $7 and I'm glad I did... but the time it takes for it to dry isn't worth it to me. Sometimes even hanging on the line all day in the sun isn't enough to get it dry! I definitely wouldn't purchase this diaper new. Not that it's a bad diaper, I just prefer my pockets.

- The Grovia AIOs, however, are different -- instead of the absorbency being sewn in between the layers, it is sewn as a flap. It also comes with an extra insert that you can snap into the diaper. This makes for very fast drying time. This is a side-snapping diaper as well, but the difference between these and the Knickernappies is that the wings are actually stretchy, which I think will result in a better fit.

- The TotsBots is very similar, in that the absorbency isn't sewn in, but is still attached. And oh em gee, look at these prints. I think they are the cutest in existence right now in the world of cloth diapering. I think the pink flowery one is my favorite print in all of the baby's stash. It is too stinkin' cute.

There you have it! Next up: prefolds and covers.

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