a little sewing for a little girl

part of the reason we "live simply" is because, uh... we don't have the money to live any other way! but i love it... sometimes it's a challenge. i love buying used, knowing i'm giving a "new" life to something that did not end up in the dump, or creating something rather than buying. with a little girl on the way, i have been having so much fun making baby clothes. there is just so much more you can do for little girls that you can't do for boys! frills, lace, ruffles, buttons, flowers... not to mention the added pinks and shades of purple that just never make it to my little boy's wardrobe... ;)

about a year ago i made my first diaper cover out of fleece material. it's definitely not fool-proof and because it's made out of fleece it really only works when we are around the house and can change a diaper quickly (or for extra protection at night, under a PUL cover -- resulting in a very large diaper butt). but making it was so fun and gave me the confidence to explore the world of sewing even more! when it comes to sewing, i've realized the main thing to keep in mind is that when you are learning, you will mess up. you will make wrong cuts, you will waste fabric, you will sew and then have to pull out everything you just sewed and then re-sew, and then maybe sew again. sometimes, your finished product will look like crap. and you can't let it get to you. eventually, you will create something you're actually proud of -- maybe even a little impressed with!

a couple weeks ago i made my friend nataly's little girl a pillow case dress (only not made with a pillow case) for her birthday. again -- FUN! and encouraging. i figured if it's possible to make something as simple as a rectangular piece of fabric and some ribbon cute, maybe i could try to make a dress that's a bit more complicated. so after discovering that we have tons of 6 month and toddler clothing but hardly any newborn to 3 months clothing, i decided our little girl needs some little newborn dresses. this was great, because i have a lot of scraps of fabric; not a whole lot of one pattern, so i was totally able to make teeny clothes out of small pieces of fabric. and i'm glad i'm finally finding a use for all my fabric scraps and not letting them go to waste.

this was the first one i made. it is quite lopsided and handmade
looking, but i lovelove the colors and the roses are my favorite!
i learned how to make them using the tutorial on the awesome blog, make it & love it.

this was my second attempt and i am very pleased! still kind
of lopsided, and i used the wrong side of the ribbon when
making one of the straps (woops), but i am very proud of this one.

and i made her these dorky pants, too. john thinks they
look funny but it think they will be cute on a newborn...
i'm picturing her tiny toes sticking out those huge flared bottoms.
 i didn't make the onesie (i wish) but look! it matches! :)


  1. AWESOME!!
    Here is a bonehead you didn't ask for advise point...try crossing some of the straps in back. Those chubby little girlies have no shoulders so strappy things can flop down around the arm a lot.
    I LOVE those dresses. Great job!

  2. great idea! i'd thought about the straps flopping down.. i can't wait till she gets here so i can test them out on her. :)

  3. Darling! Great job!!!!Oh, she's gonna be so cute!

  4. Awesome! They turned out great!!

  5. very cute! make rowan one! lol



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