a baby shower for a little lady

although we have known for weeks, and if you are a friend in real life or on facebook, you probably already know, but i have yet to announce it on my blog... because i wanted to make a big deal about it. i've been neglecting this poor thing lately and didn't want to just pop in and be all, "oh yeah, and by the way.." so yes, six weeks after we found out, i would like to announce that...

it's a girl! i still can hardly believe it. the other day i got rid of a lot of river's old baby clothes (only keeping a few favorites for future... waaaay in the future.. kids) and as i was saying goodbye to teeny blue outfits in giant bags to pass onto a friend who is expecting a boy, i couldn't help but think, "wait... should i really get rid of this stuff? just in case..."

a few months ago, these friends of ours found out (on april fool's day, no less) that they were expecting a girl. how exciting! they both wanted a girl. had her name picked out and everything. when they went in for a second sonogram, however, the OB announced, "i'm so sorry, i know i said your baby was a girl... but this is definitely a boy!" they went in for a 4D ultrasound just to make sure, and sure enough, baby aleah was really baby jaden. so, i'm a bit worried that maybe, just maybe, the same thing will happen to us. i know it's not likely, but i wanted a girl so bad, i'm still half-expecting a boy!

a couple weekends ago, three amazing friends of mine threw me an absolutely beautiful, perfectly girly baby shower.

some of the decor... that yellow snowsuit type thing is one that i 
wore when i was a baby! i'm so glad my mom saved it. i'm 
hoping when little girl gets here in october, it will be cold 
enough for her to wear it... probably not, but i hope. :)

we set up a vase of branches with little scrapbook paper tags for 
people to write "wishes" or prayers for the baby. such a sweet idea!

my diaper cake that one of my friends made... out of cloth diapers!

a table full of candy for guests to take home in little bags.

it was everything i could have asked for! a fun, pink celebration of a little life with our friends... it was so fun opening all the pink packages. we received a lot of cloth diapers and now this baby has an entire drawer full of her own pink diapers! (river has since used a couple, for the few times we ran out of clean diapers and needed to borrow some from his little sister... ha. :)


  1. So excited for you! you guys are the sweetest family and i've missed you around here!

  2. thank you!! i've missed writing... really need to get back into it..



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