river's first haircut

well, we did it. we chopped all his hair off! it was about time. i was done feeling sad about it and just wanted to get it done already! a couple weeks before we took him to get it cut, john cut his bangs to get them out of his eyes, and then he really looked like a little girl. we were constantly hearing, "oh, she's so cute! her curls are precious!"

the morning we had it cut, it was a complete rat's nest in the back, half-dreads sticking up at all angles. people keep asking if i miss it, and... nope. not at all! i love it shorter, i don't have to brush it as often (i'm a lazy mama ;), and i think he's much more comfortable in this three-digit weather we've been having.

hey river, ready to get your hair cut? and this is the face he gave me.

he did really well... i was so proud of him! he didn't know what was going on and i could tell he was nervous... at one point he was just sitting there when all of a sudden, he yells, "AH." and that's the only peep he made the entire time. it was pretty funny. he was happy to get out of the chair!


  1. Cohen panicked and screamed and they made us sit in the chair and hold him. No amount of candy would distract him. From then on, I cut it at home and he did better... Not perfect, but better.

  2. my brother used to freak out! he would yell, "OW OW OW!" my mom had to cut his at home... one time he was being so wiggly and dramatic she accidentally snipped his ear! bahaha. river has always been pretty laid back. i'm waiting for austen to be my dramatic, prissy, freak-out child, lol.



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