quesadillas are my grilled cheese!

the other day i got to talking with a friend about our lack of creativity when it comes to meals. she told me she's been making a lot of grilled cheese, and i shared that my on-going thing is quesadillas. so that's why i post these simple meal ideas -- i do not generally enjoy cooking (mainly because of the cleanup) and i am the least creative person when it comes to creating something new! so these posts are for my kindred-spirit friends who 1) hate cooking, 2) hate cleaning up, and 3) need something totally easy and quick.

here is a super easy and healthy meal i make all the time. river loves it, and you can keep them plain or add yummy stuff like salsa and sour cream. this is how i like to make them.

butter or olive oil
whole wheat tortillas
cheese of your choice (i like colby jack or cheddar)

you can also add:
spinach (i've found you can add spinach to just about any meal, which is handy for making sure you eat your greens and get that kick of iron. river is so used to it, he eats it right up!)
sour cream
chopped onion
chopped tomatoes
cooked chicken (left-overs are easiest!)
seasonings (i like to sprinkle my quesadillas with a little red pepper, garlic, chili powder, and onion powder; my husband prefers them unseasoned)

- put a little olive oil your medium-heated pan, just enough to coat, or butter your tortilla. fill half your tortilla with a good amount of cheese and your choice of other ingredients, and fold.
- cook on one side until warm and lightly toasted, flip and toast the other side until the cheese is melty and gooey.
- enjoy with your favorite condiments!

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