hooray for decorating!

i've never really had my home decorated. we don't have money to go out and buy everything i dream of, even the little things. it adds up! but i am finally on my way to decorating river's room (and the rest of the house, very slowly, not so surely). decorating river's room has got to be the most fun. when he was about four months old, i cleaned out our second room in our old apartment and decorated a nursery for him. it was pretty and sweet, and nice to have a bright, sunny room in which to play with him and know that it was 100% baby-proof. but it turned out to be pretty pointless, as we co-sleep, he didn't have a lot of toys, and i rarely used the changing table (that we found on craigslist nearly brand-new for $20, and later re-sold on craigslist for $25). eventually, our crib (that we rarely used) broke, and that was our cue -- out went the baby stuff and in went our desks, computers, art supplies, and music gear that needed to be out of a curious baby's grasp anyway.

now that he's older and we have three rooms in our house, river gets his own room once again. it is mainly a place for his clothes, diapers, and toys to dwell, but i'm not sure how the sleeping situation with the new baby will work out. ideally, i'd like to have him sleeping in his own bed, but i don't know yet if i am even going to try! (and i would miss snuggling with him at night :) also, with the new baby coming, i need more storage for more baby clothes. if it's a boy, we really don't need much of anything more than some infant and small diaper covers. if it's a girl, well, make way for cute girl clothes in every shade of pink imaginable.

i've finally organized his things and gotten rid of a lot of stuff. here was my to-do list at the beginning, and what i've already done is crossed out:

- paint the walls
- paint the dresser
- make a white t-shirt rug or buy one for a good deal
- hang something pretty from the ceiling
- make the black bookcase prettier
- finish the bird mobile
- make bedding
- hang white shelves
- purchase his name in alphabetty monster art
- find a lamp shade for the white vintage lamp

and the "before" pictures i took in january. it looks quite different now.

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